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Before EVOLVEkids, GymStar Gymnastics was "the place" for gymnastics and tumbling in Morris, IL. Heidi opened GymStar in 1998 and the gym averaged over 300 students for 10 years. Sadly, GymStar lost its lease in 2008 and closed, but the spirit of GymStar lives on in EVOLVEkids, the memories of former students.


Starting gymnastics and functional movement training at the age of 3 allowed me to expand extra energy and allow my parents a little reprieve from my energy.  At 3, I learned how important exercise was and how it made me feel.


Continuing for another 17 years with gymnastics and tumbling, I learned that I felt a sense of belonging and had a new group of friends that were like-minded.  I felt confident in my strong physique and good posture.  It was a compliment when a stranger would ask if I was a gymnast and that they could tell by how fit I looked.


The self-confidence and discipline gymnastics taught me, kept me focused on a personal goal.  My goal kept me on the straight and narrow and kept me out of trouble.  Learning how to push myself and trust my coaches, and listen well were skills I constantly had to practice and have become highly valued personal skills in my present life.  


At 33 years old, I still feel confidence in my strength and beauty in my strength and know that I could not have developed that without my strong background in gymnastics and amazing coaches.


One of those amazing coaches was Heidi Lawless at GymStar Gymnastics. I had a great time at GymStar and am glad that my relationship with Heidi has grown from coach to friend over the years.


I always loved doing gymnastics in Heidi's gym when I was young. Growing up doing gymnastics with her was nothing but amazing! She treated me as if I was one of her own kids.


Between all of the fun we had, I also learned social skills, discipline, and responsibility. I applied all of those skills to all the other sports I did after gymnastics through my college years.


Gymnastics was a huge part of my childhood and I wouldn't have wanted to train with anyone else!

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