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Are you looking for Gymnastics in Coal City, IL?

Well if you are looking for a competitive gymnastics program, you should consider yourself fortunate that Coal City has a quality competitive gymnastics facility in town, and if you are willing to travel a bit, there are other great competitive gymnastics facilities in Joliet, Plainfield, and New Lenox.

But competitive gymnastics, for all the renown it receives, is the smaller part of the youth gymnastics universe. Most children who pursue gymnastics do so in recreational gymnastic classes. Be it toddler, preschool, and/or school age gymnastic classes, the vast majority of kids take gymnastic classes on a weekly basis in a recreational facility.

So if you are looking for recreational gymnastics in Coal City, then what is the best choice?

We might be a bit biased, but if you want a professionally run facility, that offers fun-focused recreational gymnastics, and takes it easy on your wallet, then we think EVOLVEkids is the best choice for gymnastics in Coal City.

So let us tell you what we offer for toddlers thru teens, and why the 15 minute drive to our facility is well worth the trip.


EVOLVEkids Activities For Toddlers

If you are looking for activities for your toddler, then you can do no better than EVOLVEkids’ toddler open gyms and our toddler gymnastic classes. We believe that active kids grow up to be fun, fit, and healthy, and there is no better time to get a child started than as a toddler.


We start with children as soon as they are crawling (thru 2 years of age) with our EVOLVEkids’ Crawler Open Gym. This is a perfect entrée to the gym environment for both Mom (and/or Dad!) and toddler. They use soft play skill shapes, specifically designed for that age group, to explore creative movement in a safe and nurturing environment under professional supervision. And best of all, EVOLVEkids offers Crawler Open Gym for FREE!


Next up is our EVOLVEkids’ Toddler Open Gym for children age 2 thru 5. This open gym time allows parent and toddler to not only explore active movement with soft play skill shapes but to also utilize gym equipment that has been specifically scaled for both toddlers and preschoolers. Like our Crawler Open Gym, Toddler Open Gym is conducted in a safe and nurturing environment under professional supervision. Toddler Open Gym is either 60 or 90 minutes in length and is only $5 per child.


And finally we offer structured activities for toddlers with our Parent & Tot toddler gymnastic classes. These instructor led classes are 45 minutes in length, once a week, for children 1 thru 3 years of age, and are priced at $48 per month. We explore creative movement using equipment and shapes specifically designed for toddlers. In addition, Parent & Tot toddler gymnastic classes are the perfect introduction to social and group interactions, and a head-start on independent learning.


If you’ve been looking for toddler activities in Coal City or specifically toddler gymnastic classes in Coal City, then we think you and your toddler will find the trip over to EVOLVEkids well worth it. We offer the perfect environment at a very affordable price for you to get your toddler started on the path to fun and fitness!

EVOLVEkids Preschool Gymnastics

Our preschool gymnastics program at EVOLVEkids is our Small Stars classes. These are gymnastic and tumbling based classes that utilize equipment and shapes designed specifically for this age group to further their strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. For instance, we invested in Spieth America’s “Just For Kids” uneven bars which have been designed for preschoolers and beginning gymnasts. We also utilize wider and lower balance beams.


In addition, Small Star classes have been designed to serve as an introduction for many children into group socialization and activity apart from parents. Plus, all classes are activity based with activities built around themes and music, and are crafted to ensure your child's success!

Our Small Star preschool gymnastics program offers classes for age 3, and for children 4 & 5. We even have a class, Lil Dudes Flip, specifically for boys age 3 to 5. All of these classes are 50 minutes in length, are once a week, and are $58 a month. We offer morning, afternoon, and evening Small Star classes so as to fit with your child’s preschool times (and nap times!).

As with our Toddler activities, we believe that if you are looking for preschool gymnastics classes in Coal City then EVOLVEkids should be your first choice.

EVOLVEkids Recreational Gymnastics

At EVOLVEkids, we pride ourselves on offering the best experience we have to offer for the non-competitive gymnast. We realize that many gyms skew towards favoring competitive gymnasts, but our business model has always been oriented towards serving recreational gymnastics. And we believe in serving it well!

We offer all 4 of the main Olympic events (floor, bars, beam, and vault) in a safe and nurturing environment that focuses on the growth and development of the child while introducing them to the wonderful sport of gymnastics. Our recreational gymnastics classes are divided into three tiers of skill level from beginner to intermediate thru advanced. Additionally, for those younger children considering a future in competitive gymnastics, we do offer a Hotshots class for girls age 5 thru 8 that challenges students in a team-oriented class setting. Classes run from 60 to 90 minutes depending on level, and are once a week, priced from $68 to $78 a month.

If you are looking for a competitive gymnastics in Coal City (or classic boys gymnastics) then unfortunately EVOLVEkids isn’t going to be your gym. Based on the limitations of time, space, and labor, we chose to direct our all our efforts into our recreational gymnastics program. Yet as EVOLVEkids’ Owner & Lead Instructor, Heidi Lawless, formerly owned a competitive gymnastics facility and was a competitive gymnastics coach, EVOLVEkids would be happy to advise and steer you and your competitive gymnast to the best facility for your needs. As we mentioned at the start, there is quality competitive gym in Coal City, and there are other great gyms up by Joliet. We are always happy to reach out and pass on those girls (and boys) who have the desire to compete in gymnastics.

Our advantage is that the time, space, and labor that those competitive gyms dedicate to competitive gymnastics, will always be dedicated to making our recreational gymnastics the best available.

EVOLVEkids Tumbling

EVOLVEkids offers more than just gymnastics; we are first class tumbling facility as well, offering students both recreational tumbling classes and a competitive tumbling team.

We realize that there are dance schools and other types of schools that claim to offer tumbling classes in Coal City and the surrounding area. Typically, these classes offer basic tumbling instruction with only basic equipment. At EVOLVEkids, we offer something completely different, and frankly, just better. Tumblers will be delighted to find that EVOLVEkids offers a competitive length rod floor, a 50’ TumblTrak, and a double-mini trampoline. The difference in experience of tumbling at EVOLVEkids and learning basic tumbling at a dance school is like night and day.

As with our recreational gymnastics program, we have divided our recreational tumbling classes into 3 tiers of skill level: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Students learn all facets of tumbling in a safe, nurturing, and structured environment that is focused on developing their ability in a fun and positive manner. In addition we offer a Cheer Tumble class that teaches the introductory mechanics of tumbling for cheerleading, and Jr. High/High School Cheer Tumble class for cheerleaders looking to master the tumbling skills necessary to make their junior high or high school cheerleading squads. Tumbling classes run from 60 to 90 minutes depending on level, and are once a week, priced from $68 to $78 a month.

We also have our EVOLVE Competitive Tumbling Team that competes in USTA at both the state and national level. In 2018, we were proud to have 3 Illinois State Champions and 1 National Champion from the girls and boys who tumble for the EVOLVE Competitive Tumbling Team. Competitive tumbling is a great alternative for both girls and boys to competitive gymnastics, and all skill levels, from beginner on up, can compete at USTA events. If you and your child are interested in competitive tumbling then we are interested in hearing from you.

Be it recreational tumbling classes or joining our competitive tumbling team, EVOLVEkids truly is the only choice for tumbling in Coal City. No other facility in the area offers our pedigree of award-winning tumbling instruction and advanced tumbling equipment.

EVOLVEkids Ninja Star Ninja Classes

One of the newest offerings that we have at EVOLVEkids is our Ninja Star ninja classes which are a combination of a gymnastic and parkour class based on the concept of the Ninja Warriors TV show. These classes have become very popular at EVOLVEkids, and we have just invested in Ninja training specific equipment for our ninja classes.


To our knowledge there are no gyms that offer ninja classes in Coal City or the surrounding area.

What Else Is At EVOLVEkids?

Clearly gymnastics and tumbling are our “bread & butter” at EVOLVEkids, but like with our ninja classes, we are always looking to best serve our clientele with fun focused and healthy activities for kids. To that end, we are developing a recreational cheer program and have our sights set on a competitive cheer team in the not so distant future.

Additionally, we offer school age Open Gym on Friday evenings, gymnastic birthday parties, parents’ night out events, and overnight lock ins.

We realize that we can’t appeal to every kid, but we have been focused on providing great experiences to those kids we do get to teach. As a Coal City resident, you certainly have many great options for getting your child active. We just want you to know that a few miles away you might find the best option for gymnastics in Coal City (or tumbling in Coal City) at EVOLVEkids. So why not give Heidi a call at (815) 416-9580 and get started with the new evolution of fun-focused gymnastics, tumbling, & cheer (and so much more!)

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

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