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Our unifying foundational principle
to nurture fun, fit, and healthy kids

MOVE | LEARN | GROW is not only our unifying principle at is our curriculum for teaching children to become their best, active self.


Movement is not only the most basic of human instincts, it is the primary sign of our health. We all know from experience that when we are active and moving, that is when we feel the most healthy and alive. And as parents, we know immediately when our kids aren't feeling well because they shut down and become inactive. 


Unfortunately, in today's world, many of our kids are inactive because they have become tethered to technology, sitting sedentary in front of televisions, video games, and computers. As activity is tied to health, being inactive has far reaching health consequences as well. A World Health Organization report states that, “not only does a sedentary lifestyle have implications for physical fitness, per se, it also has profound implications for physical, cognitive, and psycho-social development”.


At EVOLVEkids, our goal is to get kids moving again. We teach our recreational gymnastics, tumbling, and cheer programs in a nurturing manner that creates active and fun filled experiences for our students. And these experiences lead to kids forming healthy and active habits for life.


Clearly movement is essential for our kids ongoing health, but just how does movement impact learning? 


A report from the ChildCare Education Institute notes, “movement is the young child's preferred mode of learning because they best understand concepts when they are physically experienced”. The report goes on to dispel the notion that movement is only associated with physical development, “it is a huge mistake to think the mind and body are separate entities.  The truth is that the domains of child development - physical, social, emotional, and cognitive - overlap and interrelate.  So, when a child learns something related to one domain, it impacts the others”.


Another report, published at, states “that a comprehensive developmentally appropriate movement program would be effective in enhancing early brain and motor skill development”. The report goes on to make the following recommendations: 

  • Provide children with lots of sensory-motor experiences, especially of the visual-motor variety.

  • Include a variety of basic gross-motor activities that involve postural control, coordination of movements, and locomotion – crawling, creeping, body rolling, and jumping.

  • Combine movement activities and music.


At EVOLVEkids, our recreational gymnastic, tumbling, and cheer programs have been designed to create fun and stimulating motor experiences for healthy kids.


Getting kids active is not only fun, but healthy as well. An article from the Bay State Gymnastics Academy touches on some the long reaching benefits kids see in school from participating in gymnastics: 

  • “The more time students spent training for gymnastics, the better their grades were as a result. It may seem counter-productive, but there is definitely something to the idea of physical training having a positive effect on a child’s education. The discipline and the drive to succeed definitely carry over into other parts of the child’s life”.

  • “An NCAA study was conducted that showed over 35% of gymnasts at the college level achieved a GPA of 3.5 or better. Over 90% of college students involved in NCAA gymnastics graduated, a much higher rate than students who didn’t participate in gymnastics. More academic awards were given to gymnasts than to any other college sport by as much as two to three times”. 


Another article, by KAT Instructor Michael A. Taylor, notes “that children actively engaged in organized "positive choice" extra-curricular activities such as youth sports are less likely to be involved in self-destructive and anti-social behavior and juvenile crime” and “active children are more likely to grow to become active and healthier adults...Long range, these active and therefore healthier adults are more likely to be more productive at work, take less sick days, and have fewer "on the job" accidents”.

At EVOLVEkids, we have the benefit of having taught hundreds of children over the past four decades and seeing their growth into adulthood. Those hundreds of examples is what validates our certainty that today's "evolve kids" are destined to be tomorrow's well adjusted adults.


As an instructor, I knew this intuitively, but it wasn't until I saw my students grow from children to teens to adults that I got to experience that growth first hand. It was seeing that growth that led me to open EVOLVEkids.

MOVE | LEARN | GROW is our roadmap to help kids discover their best, active self. Come join the journey.

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