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Hi, I'm Heidi Lawless, the owner of EVOLVEkids, and I'm sharing with you today not only as a business owner but as a proud mother as well.


Since I opened my first dance & tumbling studio in 1996, my children have always been alongside of me. Both Mason and Calleen practically grew up in a gym as their pictures in our lobby (against their wishes, LOL) attest to. I wanted them to not just be a part of my dream, but to demonstrate that if you pursue your dream that you can achieve it.

I think some of that drive rubbed off on both of them. Calleen parlayed her passion for volleyball into a college scholarship and is now on her way back to South Carolina to start her post-collegiate corporate sales career. And Mason, well he has decided to follow in his mother’s entrepreneurial shoes and that’s why I'm sharing with you.

This December, Mason is opening Evolution Training, a premium personal training and sports performance studio here at the EVOLVEkids facility.

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Mason Photo Pulldown.jpg

At EVOLVEkids, we have always strived to provide you with a first-rate experience, and you can expect the same with Mason at Evolution Training.

He personally designed the studio with state-of-the-art equipment you won’t find anywhere else locally. The studio is optimized so you can get the maximum out of one-on-one, private training. And Evolution Training has a custom web platform and app to maximize your fitness accountability and encouragement.

But putting aside my motherly bias, the reason I think you’ll love Evolution Training is because of Mason.

I’ve spent my entire career in training athletes, and I’ve never met someone more passionate than Mason is about fitness & nutrition. He is obsessed with training, nearly encyclopedic in his knowledge, and he shares my love of teaching others.

So, if you (or your teenage child) are interested building your best self then let Mason create a custom training plan and coach you to achieve your goal. I guarantee, you’ll be pleased you did.

PS: EVOLVEkids clients get a 10% discount off of all training plans at Evolution Training.

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