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Welcome to EVOLVEkids! We are VERY excited to have you at our gym and to get you started off on the right foot, we have created the following Rules and Policies listed below. We ask that you adhere to these guidelines in order for our classes to run smoothly and effectively,  and to ensure the SAFETY of ALL our gymnasts, tumblers, and cheerleaders.


  • Please ENTER/EXIT through the Grey Door on the south side of the building. 

  • NO SMOKING in front of the building.

  • NO leaning or pressing against the large glass window in the front of the building.

  • The restroom located in the gym is for Student use only. Everyone else may use the PUBLIC restroom located in the waiting area. If your child needs to use the restroom before class he/she may use either one as both are available to them.

  • Remove shoes first when entering the GYM.

  • Please keep an eye on small children when leaving the building as the parking lot can be very busy.


  • NO Food or Drink is ALLOWED in the GYM.

  • NO street shoes are allowed in the GYM.

  • Before class starts, all students will wait in the lobby for their instructor to signal them into the gym area for warm-up.

  • Gymnasts ONLY are allowed in the gym. Please put all belongings in a cubby located in the waiting area.

  • Parents may sit or stand behind the glass viewing area. NO Parents are allowed in the GYM.

  • Please NO talking or coaching your child while he/she is in class. Our staff is well trained and able to handle any emergency that may occur.

  • Our staff is available after class to answer any questions.


  • Girls must wear a body leotard or compression clothing (i.e. biker shorts, sports top). NO street clothing or T-shirts / Tank Tops of any kind.

  • All leotards MUST be free from ruffles, skirts, and tutus.

  • Hair needs to be secured back out of the face.

  • NO Jewelry

  • Boys may wear step-in and shorts or compression clothing. NO oversized t-shirts except for tight fitting tank tops.

  • Clean bare feet; no shoes or socks are to be worn in class.


  • No running or horseplay in the gym or around the equipment.

  • There must be an instructor present to be on the equipment.

  • Only one person at a time on the equipment unless asked by the instructor.

  • Look around before you cross in front of the other groups.

  • Let your instructor know if you are not feeling well.

  • Make sure to use restroom before class starts and if your child needs to use the restroom during class please tell the instructor first.

  • Water breaks are not always given. It is at the discretion of the instructor.

  • We use the "1, 2, 3 strikes & you’re out" discipline method. Meaning, 1st you will be warned to correct the misbehavior, 2nd if the behavior has not been corrected, then a sit down time out will occur, 3rd if all else has FAILED the child’s parent will be notified and the child will be asked to leave the class for that day. No stamps or special treats will be given out if this occurs.

  • At the Preschool Levels STAMPS are awarded for good behavior and good listening ears. Be sure to check your students hand to make sure both were awarded.


  • We largely communicate to our clients through email. However, you may reach us by phone, text, and Facebook Messenger.

  • When you registered, you agreed to our complete set of policies which include: payment due dates, holiday breaks, special events, class cancellations due to weather, and a bunch of other fine print. That complete set of policies can be accessed via the Parent Portal.

  • Written notices may also be sent home with our students.

  • If your child has a prolonged illness or injury we will freeze your account and credit you the difference when he/she is well enough to participate. A doctor’s note may be required to resume class.

  • Make-up classes…..Only ONE make-up class per month will be allowed and must be made-up within that month of attendance. If your class falls on a holiday, this missed class does not count towards your ONE allowed make-up.

  • All make-up classes need to be scheduled through the office NOT with the instructor.

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