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The new evolution of fun focused
Gymnastics, Tumbling, Cheer (and so much more!)

Hi, I'm Heidi Lawless, and as the Owner and Lead Instructor of EVOLVEkids, I would like to welcome you and your children to the premier experience for fun focused gymnastics, tumbling, cheer (and so much more!).


EVOLVEkids is the fruition of my 40+ years experience in teaching children in the Morris, IL area. Instinctively, I have always known that getting children active (getting them moving early in life) leads to them growing up fun, fit, and healthy. That instinct led me to open Heidi's Center of Dance in 1995, then GymStar Gymnastics in 1998, and resulted in years of enjoyment teaching hundreds of kids gymnastics, tumbling, cheer, and dance.


Fast forward to 2015: it seemed like I was crossing paths with my former students in our community on a daily basis. Many of those former students were now parents themselves and so, naturally, we would start talking about our kids. But inevitably, we would start to reminisce about the fun times "they" had as kids in my gym. Those conversations and reminiscences were always heart warming, but what I found most striking was how happy and well-adjusted my former students were as adults. It was as though they were living proof that my instincts about active kids were spot on. The payoff of those years in gymnastics wasn't about creating gymnasts; it was about fostering an environment that led to  happy and healthy kids, and that environment was a positive precursor to them becoming well-adjusted adults.


Those conversations always seem to end with them asking about me re-opening a gym. And after a dozen or so of those encounters, I decided to open EVOLVEkids in the Fall of 2015.

EVOLVEkids is my 3rd iteration as a gym owner, and you could say it represents the pinnacle of my own personal "evolution" as not only a facility owner but as a teacher of children. At EVOLVEkids, I have formalized my instinct about active kids into our unifying foundational principle: MOVE | LEARN | GROW. Upon that foundation, I have created a custom curriculum and teaching system, made a capital commitment to have first-class equipment in the gym, and have harnessed technology to assist in learning.

And based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback I have received from both students and parents, I believe my goal to make EVOLVEkids the best choice to keep kids fun, fit, and healthy has been a resounding success.


So come join us today, and become a part of the new evolution of fun focused gymnastics, tumbling, cheer (and so much more!).

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