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It Finally Happened!

It finally happened!

On Saturday, July 1st, EVOLVEkids officially took possession of the 5,000+ sq. ft. of our building that was being used as a baseball academy.

For the past 18 months, we have been guardedly optimistic that the space would be ours. We started our competitive cheer program in 2022 with the idea that a small, new cheer program might be ready for a bigger space in the Fall of 2023. Well, that “small” cheer program got big rather quickly and we could have used the space in the Fall of 2022. But we survived our growing pains (thanks to your patience & understanding) and now we are ready to unveil a new facility when classes start on August 7th.

In our “cheer gym”, we will have a competition sized 42’x54’ cheer floor that is equipped with lighting and backdrop so we can participate, in first class style, in “virtual competitions” from our cheer gym. In addition, we will be adding a partial spring floor, a 20’ TumblTrak, an inflatable Air Trak, and other goodies.

Morris finally has a legit cheer gym!

Of course, if you aren’t part of our cheer program, you might be asking why this matters to you. Great question, and here is why. Our new space allows us to now offer:

  • More evening pre-school classes in the main gym.

  • Preschool & recreational classes on Saturdays.

  • A dedicated Saturday Toddler Open Gym.

  • More overall space for our recreational classes.

  • Our largest selection of classes ever.

  • Recreational cheer tumble classes in our Cheer Gym.

  • An area to host Showcases for our recreational students.

Also, we are going to be able to add to our Recreational Cheer Team and offer a Prep Cheer Team as well.

We think this will be our best year to date, and we can’t wait to have you participate in it with us! The first step is to go to our 2023-24 Classes/Registration page where you can learn more about classes and register for them. Our new session starts on Monday, August 7th and registration is under way now.


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